Monday, 19 April 2010

Choosing the right caravan layout

A growing family can present a difficult choice when trying to get the right caravan layout, fortunately in recent years there has been a plethora of new layouts on the market. These modern caravan designs have helped to make caravanning as a family much more pleasurable and comfortable.

So with all these new options, which caravan layout do you choose? One of the most popular layouts for an ever growing family is a caravan which contains two lounge areas. This allows the kids to have their own area not only during the day but also come bedtime they are a reasonable distance from any disturbance from the adults. The key problem with this layout is for those families with a wide age range or girls who want more privacy. This problem arises due to the rear lounge converting into a double and one pull down bunk above to give a five berth caravan.

A larger, twin axle model can accomadate a bigger lounge to the rear of the caravan that enables two separate bunks for night time accommodation, in turn, reducing the chances of a sibling fallout. Some of the larger twin axle caravans have pull down bunks above the lower ones making a six berth caravan layout. One more option, if you have the tow car capacity is something along the lines of the Sprite Quattro or Sterling Europa 600, both made by Swift. These caravans have fixed bunk beds along the side of the van but still manage to retain a large rear washroom. The one disadvantage with this layout is that the top bunks have a weight limit – though it could be academic as by the time the kids reach the weight limit they will probably be too old to be wanting to go on a caravanning holiday with you anyway!

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