Wednesday, 17 March 2010

BBQ’s – Gas vs Charcoal

Convenience: Gas barbecues get the nod in this department. Some mornings you wake up to stormy clouds, rain etc – the last thing on your mind is having a barbecue. Come late afternoon the sun is shining and a barbecue suddenly becomes a good idea. If your using charcoal you will possibly need to clear ashes from your last barbecue or that you have run low or out of charcoal. Even when you have everything you need you will have to wait around 40 minutes before being able to cook over charcoal.

Authenticity: Purists will say the authentic smoky taste that charcoal provides must be present if you want to consider yourself a true barbecuer. There is something special about creating and keeping a fire going on your charcoal grill, however who says you have to do what purists say?

Taste: Again, purists would argue that the smoky flavour a charcoal barbecue imparts is the best. However, if you own a gas barbecue you can still get those flavours with the help of a smoker box and some wood chips.

Space: Another way to help decide what barbecue is right for you is to consider where the barbecue is going to be sited. A small charcoal barbecue can fit on most patios and balconies. However there are more and more gas barbecues being made that can fit in smaller places.

Grilling: Something else to consider is how you plan to barbecue. Slow and steady or hot and fast. If the latter is what you are thinking then a gas barbecue is your best bet.

Cost: Finally there is cost. Gas barbecues are generally more expensive than charcoal. So if you don’t want to spend a lot of money then charcoal might be the answer. However, keep in mind that charcoal is the more expensive fuel. You can easily spend
£4.00 a cookout on charcoal while gas might cost around £1.00 per cookout. So while it might be cheaper up-front, charcoal won’t save you money in the long run.

As you can see there is no right or wrong when it comes to selecting your barbecue. It’s a matter of taste, time and cost.

Excerpt from sizzle magazine.

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